In a world where digital medias are a dominate feature in our household, I bet you have more monitors (laptop, computer monitors, TVs etc) than we have of printed-art in your home. We appreciate our beautiful world for a moment as we flick through them on our browser which is why I’m on a crusade to get our photographs printed and display on our wall.
To display an art piece, they should be printed on the best possible media, and I am proud to offer images printed on the following media:-






The premier option given the recent advancement in printing technology. The artwork is reverse printed onto the back of a toughen glass and with different options on opacity, this can be used as a wall art, balustrades, splash-backs or anything your imagination allows.

The finish provides a glossy and vibrant display that is bound wow any guests. A striking feature when mounted on the wall of an office or home.

It is resistant to moistures, and the print process is so good it is the only media to come with a 10 year guarantee.

The glass art piece can be mounted directly onto the wall with silicon, split-batten system or for larger pieces, aluminium stand-off fittings.







Bring your artwork to life with the stylish lines and added depth of an acrylic print. A striking feature when mounted on the wall of an office or home.

The image is reverse print onto vinyl before face-mount to a 10mm or 15mm acrylic.

Attach your print to your wall with four aluminium mounting posts.   The cylindrical cap of each mounting post can be removed, allowing you to thread a small screw along the centre axis of the of post and into the wall. The mounting posts act as stand-offs and keep your print separated from the wall.






The material is made with two thin sheet of aluminium bonded to a non-aluminium honeycomb core. This makes the sheet incredibly light and strong. The image is printed onto vinyl and mounted on the front face of the aluminium.

Brushed aluminium vinyl can be used to create a stunning effect on a black and white image.

The metal art piece can be mounted directly onto the wall with silicon, spot Velcro or inside a frame . Perfect to take on exhibition to showcase your winery.

Fine-Art Paper






A traditional media but we use the very best in fine art paper with a top quality Epson commercial printer.  Print can be supplied individually, with Mat or framed ready for your wall. Get in touch for options available.

Every print is printed in New Zealand, individually calibrated and checked to ensure quality is of the highest standard.
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